Digital Marketing and the eCommerce Funnel

It’s a pretty easy concept to understand: “More traffic to your site will bring more leads/sales”. There’s a few main ways to bring traffic or visitors into your site.

  • Social Media
  • Organic Search Engine Results
  • Pay Per Click Results
  • Direct
  • etc.All have several sub-avenues which might overlap, for example PPC could be on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook or on Google via AdWords. A lot tactics of marketing do not connect the dots or focus on the big picture, which in this case is the eCommerce funnel. It is something that should always be priority one if you are an eCommerce merchant or are using your site to generate sales leads.If you are attempting to spend money for digital marketing always choose a company that has your wallet in mind. Be aware that a lot of digital marketing companies might invoice you based on your ad spend. This makes it especially uncomfortable and costly for you, the client, as the marketing company will more than likely suggest to get better traffic/conversions you need to increase your budget. So, rather than optimizing the PPC campaign to get a better yield with what you have set aside for marketing spend, they take the lazy route which will ultimately cost you money effecting your return on investment (ROI). Most marketing companies are a bit greedy and do not see the big picture. If you have had any experience with pay per click marketing, you might have been burned on campaigns as they may have been tailored to your ideal customer audience. It’s very easy to go bust on PPC without experience. KAPSOL always suggest testing the water before diving in. There’s no refunds for bad results on PPC networks like Facebook and Google AdWords.

    KAPSOL takes a very ethical approach to digital marketing compared to the rest of the marketing agencies out there. We want your experience with digital marketing to be a powerful tool instead of you feeling like it’s a costly necessary evil to grow your business. We keep up-to-date with best practices to be able to set up PPC campaigns to show conversions and metrics correctly. There’s been several instances, where we have taken over accounts that were manipulated by the previous marketing companies to make themselves look like they were providing more results than they really were. It’s unfortunately very common for digital marketing agencies to do this. At KAPSOL, we desire to provide a service to help move our clients forward and ultimately generate more revenue.