Kapsol Pill

Encapsulate YOUR Feminized Hemp Seeds!

Using YOUR Seeds, Our Encapsulation
Technology Increases Germination
and Delivers Strong, Consistent Yields

What's Inside?

Growing feminized hemp can cost an arm—but it doesn’t have to!

Our seed encapsulation product, KAPSOL™, creates a self-contained ecosystem for seeds that saves growers a ton of up-front capital and delivers strong, consistent yields.

Plant Using Traditional
Farming Equipment

You don’t need to invest in expensive new infrastructure, just plant using finger and vacuum planters
Cash Flow

Skip the Greenhouse
and Transplanting

Save time and reduce labor costs, simply direct sew into the ground and add water
Guidance Guy

Take the Guesswork
Out of Planting Hemp

Each KAPSOL™ contains the correct and consistent amounts of fertilizer and nutrients

What is kapsol™

KAPSOL™ is a Self-Contained Ecosystem that Replicates Greenhouse Conditions for Every Seed

Feminized Hemp Seed
Feminized Hemp Seed
Feminized Seed
Each seed uses industry leading cannabinoid content with up to a 99% rate of feminization and up to a 95% germination rate.
Flood/Drought Resistance
Flood/Drought Resistance
Flood Drought Resistance
Water retaining blend steadily releases nutrients while holding water close to the seed and root structure. This blend also protects the plant from over watering.
Raw Organic Honey
Raw Organic Honey
Raw Organic Honey
Antimicrobial properties create a sterile environment and produce a food source for beneficial microbials.
Vitamins & Minerals
Vitamins & Minerals
Vitamins and Minerals
Powerful blend of high grade inputs provides macro, micro, and secondary nutrients directly to the plants root system preventing waste and runoff.
Kapsol Pill
pH Adjusted Technology
pH Perfect Technology
pH Perfect Technology
Creating a sustainable soil pH level to ensure germination and prevent nutrient lock-out during the life of the plant.
Beneficial Microbes
Beneficial Microbes
Beneficial Microbes
This ultra-premium blend of beneficial microbes cleans and enhances root growth while breaking down other KAPsol ingredients to a bio-available form.
Essential Oils
Essential Oils
Essential Oils
Naturally repels pests, nematodes, and harmful bacteria.
Proprietary Soil Conditioner
Proprietary Soil Conditioner
Soil Conditioner
Unique blend breaks down toxic chemicals in water and soil that can build up over decades of traditional farming practices and turns them into useable food sources.

Working with us is easy

Whether you’re looking to improve returns on your existing operation or you’re new to hemp cultivation we’ll be with you every step of the way.


We will encapsulate your seeds for you

We can encapsulate any strains of seeds for you. We also have standards set in place to assure you will get the same seeds back that you sent to us.

Early support for successful planting and germination

You’ll work with a dedicated rep who will help you get started, but basically all you have to do is plant and irrigate your encapsulated seeds using the methods you've always used.

Ongoing relationship for a rewarding harvest

We provide ongoing, as-needed support throughout the growing season to eliminate frustration and guesswork.
Get Started With Your Dedicated Rep

what is a KAPSOL and how does it work?

What people are saying about kapsol™

  • Fred Farmer
    So Much Hemp, Hemp Farm
    Dallas, TX | 1000 Acres
    "Kapsols are the way to go! Easy to plant with great results. It’s about time there is something on the market like this!"

“With Klondike Ag, you’ll sleep better and smile more from the morning you first sew to the evening you harvest.”

Our seed encapsulation technology
saves hemp & cannabis growers a
ton of capital up-front and helps deliver
strong, consistent yields.
Whether you’re new to hemp cultivation
or you’re looking to improve returns on
your existing operation, we’ll be with you
every step of the way.
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