About Us

Klondike Ag™ is an agricultural company that is disrupting the way farmers have traditionally farmed their land. Driving innovation alongside of re-purposing existing technology, we are inspired to help farmers harvest better products while restoring their land through best practices for continued farming. 

Daniel Cox, the inventor of KAPSOL™, stems from a pharmaceutical background. While looking at empty pharmaceutical grade capsules one day, a simple and genius idea came to him. He had asked “Why couldn’t these capsules be used in the farming industry?”. With that question, Klondike KAPSOLs were born.

KAPSOLs use an all vegetarian dissolvable capsule, that acts like a tiny greenhouse, protecting the seed from the time it’s planted through germination. KAPSOL™ then dissolves and breaks down into usable nitrogen for the plant. There are a combination of beneficial ingredients added to help the seed reach its full genetic potential. This technology has also been awarded a patent!

The USDA recommended amount of fertilizer and pesticides is not only wasteful, but leeches unneeded poison into our soil each year. To combat this, we know how to dose correct amounts of nutrients and additives while keeping those essential elements right at the base of each plant’s root system. This makes KAPSOL™ a cost efficient and precise method of planting while eliminating extra waste and pollutants. Less cost, less labor, less waste, less run off.

We learned early on that with the use of our technology we could help farmers. KAPSOL™ has the ability to support fully customizable formulations based on plant type, soil conditions and region. KAPSOL™ can maximize your land efforts by supplying everything a plant needs at precisely the right time. 

Klondike Ag™ appreciates other companies that share the same values as we do. We are open to creating opportunities for both of us to work together more closely. Partnerships allow us to have a broader reach into the marketplace while providing additional information and feedback when launching new products.

Success to us, is working with each individual customer to help them achieve their own success. 
It is our pleasure to work alongside each of you!

Our Patent

Klondike™ is proud to help farmers with our innovative products. Our products are protected under patent #US20200154644A1.
You may learn more about our patent here.

Our seed encapsulation technology
saves hemp & cannabis growers a
ton of capital up-front and helps deliver
strong, consistent yields.
Whether you’re new to hemp cultivation
or you’re looking to improve returns on
your existing operation, we’ll be with you
every step of the way.
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