Frequently Asked Questions

Do I supply my own seeds for KAPSOL?

Yes, you can supply your own hemp seeds for encapsulation. Simply send us seed and we will encapsulate them for you. Once we receive your seed you will receive a confirmation of the receipt and our official seed count. They will then get put on the schedule for encapsulation and returned as quickly as possible. We have a secure facility with systems in place to ensure the integrity of your seed the entire way through the process. If you are looking for the best genetics, there are a few seed suppliers that we recommend depending on the variety of hemp you are looking to grow. (Auto Flower, CBD, CBG, etc.) Please contact us for more details.

Can KAPSOLs cause a field to become hot (too much THC)?

No. The KAPSOL is designed to relieve the plant from stressors in the environment such as floods, droughts, and soil pathogens. There is nothing within the KAPSOL that will cause the THC level to rise. If the genetics you are supply report THC level under the legal limit there is no reason the plants should become hot.

How do I plant KAPSOLs?

KAPSOLs can be planted like any other ordinary seed, by hand planting or by using traditional finger/drill type planters and vacuum planters. Place them in the ground at the normal depth of seed planting, cover with soil and water.

Can I use traditional planters with KAPSOLs?

Yes, the KAPSOLs can be planted using traditional type planters and vacuum planters with only slight modifications to the plates. We can also send planters to you. Feel free to contact one our representatives with modification questions and/or cost questions about getting a planter to you.

How does your KAPSOL Sample Program work?

If you have your own seeds, you can send us up to 300 seeds and we will encapsulate them for you for free. We want you to see the results firsthand. If you do not have seeds, we can supply up to 25 KAPSOLs with feminized Cherry Blossom seeds for free.

What is the best way to irrigate for KAPSOLs?

KAPSOLs do require an ample amount of water to activate them. Any type of irrigation system that provides a constant water supply is necessary for best results. The following list are some we recommend.
• Drop Line
• Drip Tape
• Overhead Sprinklers

What is the best way to control weeds while using KAPSOLs?

Using either plastic or landscape fabrics work well. You can also let the crop "canopy" to block the sunlight to the weeds. Within 3 or 4 weeks the plants should be extended above the weeds and shouldn’t be greatly affected by the presence of undergrowth.

What sort of support do you offer if I need it?

When you grow with KAPSOLs you also receive full support from planting to harvest. We are here as a support system that will help analyze and solve problems along the way in order to make sure you are successful. You only get one shot most years to grow so why not do it right!

Will KAPSOLs break or crush when using planting machinery?

KAPSOLs have a self-locking mechanism that once sealed should not break open. KAPSOLs also shouldn't crush when using planting machinery if setup correctly. Please communicate with us the type of equipment you will be using and we will recommend any necessary adjustments for best results.

How does KAPSOL protect against pests / varmints?

Initially the capsule itself will help to protect the seed from attack until completely dissolved and then the charcoal and honey will work to mask the seed’s presence until it has time to germinate and the beneficial bacteria added will help to knock down the presence of pathogens.

How does KAPSOL protect against disease?

The KAPSOL provides a sterile environment to get started with and the beneficial bacteria help to reduce the pathogens presence. However, there is no active ingredients to protect against disease.

Is the harvest time the same with KAPSOL?

Yes, the KAPSOL does not in any way change the normal cycle of the plant.

Will KAPSOL give me more consistent yields?

Yes, the unique ability that the KAPSOL has to provide consistent and steady nutrients to each individual seed results in a more uniform harvest time and yield.
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